Living Water


Preacher: Andre Pradhana

Jesus is a living Person. He is the Living Water and the only Source who can quench our deepest thirsts.

Discussion Questions

Read John 4:1-26 and John 7:37.
– The Samaritan woman encountered Jesus. Is it any different for us today?
– The Samaritan woman encountered a “Who” instead of a “what.” Do you encounter Jesus as a what, a proposition, a doctrine, a theology, an idea, a concept, OR as a “Who?”
– Christian singer and songwriter, Rich Mullins, said that Christians tend to put more faith in our understanding about Jesus than actual faith in Jesus. Do you agree or disagree?

Some examples of good Christian marketing include: spot-on teaching, sound doctrine, miracles, good ministry, attractive lifestyle. Yet, none of us should settle for anything less than Jesus Himself.
– Reflect on your life. Are you attracted to secondary things and missing out on the Person of Jesus?

Jesus revealed His true identity at the end of His conversation with the Samaritan woman.
– Christianity is a “revealed” religion, if you want to call it a religion. How has the Person of Jesus revealed Himself to you this past year?

Read Jeremiah 2:13.
– What does God say about our man-made cisterns?
– What “cisterns” are you building with your own hands?
– Is Jesus your source of daily satisfaction?

Read John 6:22-35.
– What is the purpose of signs and miracles?

During prayer, God reveals the broken cisterns we are building that cannot satisfy. He brings peace. He reveals that Jesus is the only Source who can quench our daily thirst. He reveals that true bread from heaven is the gift of Jesus Himself.
– God will reveal many things during an unhurried time of prayer. Would you characterize your prayer times as hurried or unhurried?
– What has God been revealing to you personally during your prayer times?
– Prayer is the most important appointment of each day. What needs to change in order for this to be a reality in your life?

Read Luke 18:1-8 and Luke 2:36-38.
– Intimacy with God takes time and we may lose heart and stop praying when a revelation is right around the corner. How does Luke 18 encourage you to be persistent in prayer?
– How is Anna a living model of the persistent widow?
– Pray today and commit to keep praying with faith to seek Jesus alone.

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