The Pure in Heart Will See God


Preacher: Dongyoon Oh

A pure heart is a heart that is single-minded and focused on God.

Discussion Questions

Read Matt 5:8, 17-20.
– What does it mean to have a pure heart?
– How does a religious legalist pursue purity of heart? Why is this approach wrong?
– How is it possible for our righteousness to exceed that of the scribes and the Pharisees?

Consider the person of David that emerges from the book of Psalms. He was not morally perfect, yet he is known as a man after God’s heart.
– How does David display a pure heart? What or who was David’s heart after?

Read Psalm 51. There are 3 responses when your sin is exposed: 1) keep sinning, 2) feel condemned or guilty, 3) run to God in whole-hearted repentance.
– What is true repentance?
– When your sin is exposed, how do you respond?

Read Matt 5:8 and John 15:1-6.
– The word for “pure” in Matt 5:8 is the same root word for “prunes” in John 15:2. What is the significance of this?
– Abiding in Christ is another way of saying having a pure heart or having a heart after God. As we seek to see the Lord from a pure heart, who is the One who purifies or prunes?

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