Who is Jesus to You? (Mark 5-8)


Preacher: Pastor Ray

Jesus is our Deliverer, our Healer, the Christ and our Lord.

Discussion Questions

Read Mark 5:1-5. Jesus is our Deliverer.
– If you encountered this man from the Gerasenes possessed by an unclean spirit, what would be your reaction?
– In cases of demonic oppression, do you agree or disagree that we are overly dependent on human institutions and human means at the expense of faith that Jesus can actually deliver us from any type of bondange and stronghold?
– Do you agree or disagree that God’s will for ever demonized person is full deliverance rather than settling for a life of medication, counseling and hospitalization?
– When it comes to God’s will, what do you consider more–your experience or the word of God?
– What is God’s will regarding deliverance?
– This demon saw Jesus, ran to Him and fell before Him. Is there a person or situation that you are trembling before instead of worshiping Jesus?

Read Mark 6:1-6; 53-56. Jesus is our Healer.
– Compare Nazareth with Gennesaret. Why does God seem to heal and deliver in some places and not in others?

Read Mark 8:11-12.
– In Jesus’ ministry, signs of healing and deliverance are happening all over the place, yet to the Pharisee, Jesus says, no sign will be given. Why?

Read Mark 8:22-26.
– Why wasn’t this blind man healed the first time?
– How might we wrongly apply God’s sovereignty when healing doesn’t happen right away?
– What is God’s will regarding healing?
– Is there a single case when Jesus encountered a demonized or sick person and He left them in their condition?
– How should we continue in prayer when you’ve been praying and healing is not coming?
– What does it mean to pray with faith?

Read Mark 8:27-30; 31-33.
– What does it mean that Peter confesses Jesus as the “Christ?”
– Peter rebukes Jesus regarding His sharing about His imminent death. Why does Jesus call this mentality Satanic and very human?
– Why is Peter very much like the partially healed blind man in a spiritual sense?

Read Mark 8:34-38.
– What is the only proper response after you say, Jesus, you are the Christ?
– What is our attitude toward our lives as believers?
– Are you ashamed to live for Jesus? What is the Lord asking you to do that might make you look like a fool in the eyes of the world if you obey?
– Have you surrendered your entire life to Jesus? Surrender and start living for Jesus today.

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