Mark 4: Keep Coming to The Light


Preacher: Pastor Ray

Jesus is the light of the world. Come to The Light and let Him expose and defeat every dark, hidden thing.

Discussion Questions

Read Mark 16:14-20.
– The goal of the Christian life is to believe in Jesus, follow Jesus, become like Jesus and live like Jesus. Do you agree or disagree?
– How do you react to the post-resurrection unbelief and hardness of heart of the eleven disciples?
– What ought to accompany all believers?
– Do you think it is possible today to live the exact same way that Jesus lived?

The church is divided.
– Describe the silent divorce in the church.

Read John 14:12.
– What are the “greater works” that Jesus is referring to?

Recall the book of Acts. John 14:12 is fulfilled by the early church, by the apostles and even deacons like Stephen and Philip.
– The signs seem to follow all believers. What does that mean for us today?

Jesus’ main ministry over the 3 years is to the 12 disciples. The disciples have front row seats and they get to witness firsthand Jesus as the minister and the signs that accompany His faith.
– Do you believe that every believer needs to go through a season after conversion where they learn to follow Jesus and enjoy Jesus and love Jesus?
– What does the church often do with new converts?

Read the Parable of the Sower in Mark 4. We often apply this passage to non-Christians needing to be saved and we assume that all Christians possess good hearts.
– Who is the main audience of this parable?
– A believer has at least 1 portion or 1 % of the fruit promised because life has been born. Yet why do so few Christian reach a hundredfold fruit, or 100 % potential of who they were destined to become?
– How literally do you take the Bible? Do you take Jesus at His Word or do you have an interpretive lens which allows you to gloss over verses?

Read John 14:16-23.
– How would you answer Judas’ question in v22?
– v23 – it says, “WE will come to him.” Who is this “we”?
– Can we still use the excuse that we can’t follow Jesus today because we can’t see Him physically?

Jesus is a wise, patient Shepherd and God the Father a patient Vinedresser. There is a timing when it comes to Jesus or God addressing our sins.
– Imagine if God exposed the full magnitude of your sins, past, present, future at your conversion. Is this your experience?
– Read Mark 8. Why doesn’t Jesus explain the significance of the 12 baskets and the 7 baskets?
– Read Mark 4:33-34. Jesus only preaches to the crowds “as they are able to hear.” Do you think it is possible that Jesus is silent to you about a topic because you don’t have the ears to hear what He would say?

Read Mark 4:21-25.
– What hardness of heart is Jesus addressing in the disciples?
– What is the source of all the division in God’s church?
– Why is a judgmental heart a loveless heart?
– We expect God to be patient and merciful to us, yet we are impatient and unmerciful toward others who are different from us or who hurt us. Do you see this double standard in your heart?
– We are not to judge. Let God be the judge. Our duty is to love and to point people to Jesus. Pray that you can have this kind of heart.
– Why is it important to go to the Light first instead of searching out all manifestations and variations of our hidden, dark sins?
– What 2 things are accomplished by the Light?

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