Rom 7: No Longer Under the Law But Not Lawless


Preacher: Pastor Ray

We are not under the law, but this does not mean that we can be “lawless” and abuse grace as a license to sin.

Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

– If Romans 7 is the best we can hope for and we are still very much enslaved to sin experientially, then some might argue, why bother continuing as a Christian? What would be your response?

Romans 6 transitions seamlessly to Romans 8 and if Romans 7 was left out, we would hardly notice.
– Why is it significant then that Romans 7 is sandwiched between Romans 6 and Romans 8?
– Who is Paul addressing in Romans 7?

Read Rom 6:14.
– Explain this verse in your own words.
– Does the fact that we are no longer under the law but under grace pit law and grace against each other? Why is this a false dichotomy?

Coming out from under the authority of the law does not make us “lawless” and thereby give us a license to sin.
– Explain this statement.
– Why is it false grace to say that since grace is like a huge blanket to cover all of our sins, we can do whatever we want and break every law and live lawlessly because God will forgive us?

Read Rom 9:30-33.
– Because Jesus came and established the new covenant, now we can totally disregard the old covenant. Why is this a false statement?
– How might we be wrongly pitting the old covenant (law) against the new covenant (grace)?
– What should our attitude toward the law be (Rom 7:12)? What does the law reveal about God and His people?
– The Abrahamic covenant came before the Mosaic law. Why is this order significant?
– What would’ve happened if the law came first then faith? What would our motivation be in working at keeping the law?

Read Rom 10:1-4.
– What does it mean that Christ is the end of the law?

Read Rom 7:1-6.
– Who was our old husband? Who is our new husband?
– In marriage, the two become one flesh. Jesus is the Head of His body. The two are one. Knowing this, how does personal change happen?

Read Rom 7:4.
– If we remain connected to Christ, what guarantee do we have?

Read Rom 7:6.
– Describe the old way of the written code and the law as something external that we were conscious of and had to obey.
– Compare the old way with the new way of the Spirit. How does the new way make the law something that is now internal instead of external?
– The Christian life begins and ends with faith. As those under grace, who are we conscious of now?
– What happens as a byproduct of our faith in regards to the law?

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