Rom 6: Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ


Preacher: Andre Pradhana

Discussion Questions

– Explain this statement by John Piper confidently say that we should never, never, never… ever outgrow the gospel?

Read Romans 1-5.

– Summarize the main argument from Romans 1-5 (in your answer, include the law, sin, and our identity before we met Christ).
– Why is the gospel good news in light of Romans 1-5?

Read Romans 6:1-14.

– What are two common pitfalls for those who receive the gospel?
– For those who have been saved, what is our new identity and what is our relationship with respect to sin?

Recall the example by D.M. Lloyed Jones involving the slaves post-Civil War.

– How is this example relevant for the Christian whose identity has changed?

Andre cited an article entitled, “Secrets to Thriving in Graduate School.” One secret is finding confidence by owning your job title (“I am a graduate student, so I’ll act like one”) and another secret is emulating people you respect (a postdoc or PI you know and admire).

– How are these secrets relevant for the believer?

– How does the Lion King illustrate the gospel?

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