Romans 1-4: Saints or Sinners?


Preacher: Pastor Ray

What’s our primary identity? Is it a sinner whose primary activity is sinning or is it saint whose primary activity is being a righteous son or daughter?

Discussion Questions

Read Romans 7 and 8.

– Which chapter is the Christian’s reality?

Read Romans 3:23.

– How should a Christian understand this verse?
– Is the Christian’s identity that of a sinner whose primary activity is sinning?

Read Rom 1:18-32 and Rom 2:12-24.

– How do you feel as you read these verses?
– Do these verses promote the idea that even as believers we are sinners who are constantly falling short?
– How does Paul address Jews who grew up under the law?
– How does Paul address Gentiles who did not grow up under the law?
– What is the role of the conscience, both for the Christian and the non-Christian?

Read Rom 3:23 in its context – Rom 3:9-26.

– What is the Christian’s reaction to the phrase “none is righteous, no, not one?”
– What is the purpose of the law in relation to Christ and our salvation?
– What does the law make us conscious of?
– Read Rom 6:14. Are Christians still under the law?
– What are Christians now under because of our faith in Christ?
– What does grace make us conscious of?
– Why is Rom 3:21 such GOOD NEWS?
– What does it mean to be justified by faith?
– How are we made righteous?
– What does it mean that Jesus is our propitiation?
– When you see the cross, do you see your sin or do you see your worth?
– How is God both just and a justifier?
– How does sin consciousness lead to condemnation and death?
– How does God consciousness lead to righteousness and life?
– Who is righteous and how do we live out our righteousness?

Read Rom 4:1-10.

– Rom 4:4 – describe the worker’s mentality.
– Rom 4:8 – why is the righteous person blessed?
– For the religious-minded person, why is it important that Abraham was righteous BEFORE he was circumcised?
– Why is the gospel offensive to a spiritually proud person?

Read Rom 3:27-31.

– When you were under the law, what was your reaction to the law?
– How does the gospel give you a different starting point?
– Explain the statement – the Christian upholds the law as a byproduct of their identity.
– What is one definition of pride?
– What is one definition of humility?
– What is repentance?

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