Intro to Romans: Living By Faith


Preacher: Pastor Ray

From faith for faith, listen as we introduce the book of Romans around the central theme of living by faith.

Discussion Questions

Read Rom 7:14-25 and Rom 8:1-4. Many people believe Romans 7 is the normal Christian life while others believe Romans 8 is normative.

– Which chapter captures the Christian life? Why?
– Do you agree or disagree with the statement that the difference between the Romans 8 Christian and the Romans 7 Christian is the mind or mindset?

Read Rom 8:5-8, 12:1-2; Eph 4:14-24.

– How important is our mind in living victoriously in Christ?
– What role does the mind play?

How you think determines how you live and how you live reveals how you think.

– Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
– Where does transformation begin? [Rom 12:1-2]

Read Rom 7:1-6. You used to be under the law, but now you are under grace.

– What is the purpose of the law?
– Why does Paul use the analogy of the husband who dies?
– Why is this good news?

Read Rom 1:1-4.

– Why does the phrase “concerning his Son” sum up the entire Bible?
– How does the OT fit in?

Read Rom 1:16-17, 4:13-25.

– What is the one thing you and I might be ashamed of on Judgment Day?
– Why does it say, “the righteousness of God is revealed FROM FAITH?”
– Where does our faith come from?
– Why does it say, “the righteousness of God is revealed from faith FOR FAITH?”
– Where in the Old Testament does the phrase “the righteous will live by faith” come from?
– What does it look like to live by faith?
– Consider the lives of Abraham and Habakkuk – what do they teach us about living by faith?

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