Luke 15: Our Hearts Cry Out Abba, Father


Preacher: Dongyoon Oh

Discussion Questions

Read Luke 15.

– What are some similarities between the parable of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost (or prodigal) son(s)?
– Who is the audience of these parables? What other group of people is mentioned in the opening verses?
– How do these 2 groups mirror the younger and the older sons?

Compare the younger son and the older son.

– Who is the visible sinner and who is the hidden sinner? Explain and give examples of each in our modern day.
– What was the older son’s reaction when the younger brother returned home? Describe the kind of heart that would produce this kind of emotion and utter such words.
– What is the main reason why the son is behaving like this?

The older son thinks more like a slave than a son.

– What kind of employee is valued by his employer? In what ways is this son operating under worldly wisdom and values?
– What is often missing in a employee/employer relationship? [Hint: this is also what defines a relationship between a father and son?

Read Gal 4:1-7.

– How is this passage relevant to Luke 15?
– How does one move from orphaned slave to adopted son? [To help you answer this, read Eph 4:20-24.]

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