Psalm 3: The Lord is My Shield and Salvation


Psalm 3 was a prayer written by David, a man after God’s heart, who seems to be losing his way. He committed murder and adultery and now he has hit rock bottom as Absalom, his own son, is trying to kill him.

CORRECTION: Hushai was not someone who “flipped” to Absalom’s side. He was sent by David to spy on Absalom and to sabotage his plans while secretly sending information to David.

Discussion Questions

Psalm 3 is written at a time when David is fleeing for his life because his son Absalom is trying to kill him. To understand the events surrounding David’s life when he penned this psalm, read 2 Sam 12-15.

– Of the main characters in 2 Sam 12-15, which one sticks out to you and why? Characters include: David, Absalom (David’s son), Nathan (prophet), Amnon (David’s son, murdered by Absalom), Jonadab (Amnon’s cousin who gave wicked counsel), Tamar (David’s daughter, raped by Amnon), Ahithophel (spiritual advisor to David, flipped to Absalom’s side), Joab (David’s nephew and commander of his army).

If you don’t uproot and master sin, it will rule over you. Consider David’s lust, Amnon’s lust, Absalom’s anger and greed for power.

– Is there a sin that God is pointing out that He wants you to uproot and master?

Psalm 3 has three voices and three “selahs.”

– What are the 3 voices?
– What is the purpose of a selah in prayer?
– How did the first selah in David’s prayer change the tone of the rest of his prayer?
– What is the main takeaway from Psalm 3?
– How does this psalm help you to pray?

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