Brother Matthew: Love is Patient (Prov 3 and 1 Cor 13)


Listen to Brother Matthew share about his spiritual journey over the past 20+ years, focusing especially on the past 2.5 years.

Discussion Questions

– Previous sermons preached by Matthew: 1) In order to be spiritual, your intake of spiritual things needs to outweigh your intake of non-spiritual things and 2) Making the case for fasting as a regular spiritual principle in order to make our desire for God more concrete.
– Snapshot of Matthew’s journey over the past 2.5 years: holy discontent (I want to be spiritual), desire for supernatural gifts, desire to hear the audible voice of God, reading books about the Holy Spirit, impatience turning to patience, having eyes to see that God has indeed been with him and is always at work.
– The Holy Spirit is described in the Bible as the Person who convicts you of your sin during your salvation moment and then He is rarely mentioned in non-Charismatic churches after that decision. Do you agree or disagree that the Holy Spirit is often the forgotten Person in the Trinity? Examine your prayers–how much of your prayers include the Holy Spirit?
– What ought to be the believer’s ultimate desire over and against even the seeking of spiritual gifts? How does this connect with the need to prioritize the Giver over the gifts? Examine your prayers–what is the main takeaway of your prayer times?
– Previous sermons on Habakkuk and Luke 24. How does Habakkuk teach us about the attitude we should have in prayer? Can you identify with how God spoke to Matthew through Habakkuk? When is the last time you had an Emmaus Road experience where your heart burned because your eyes and ears were opened to see Jesus walking with you?
– Read Prov 3:5-6 and 1 Cor 13:4-7. What’s the connection between these 2 texts based on Matthew’s personal journey?
– Is 1 Cor 13 a reflection of the kind of love that you have towards God?
– How are patience and trust in the Lord related? Can you characterize your love for God as being patient?

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