Acts 8: Filling to Overflowing


How can we be filled to the point that our relationship with Jesus flows out for others to see? Listen as we cover the effects of the Holy Spirit.

Handout: Book of Acts: Verses about Receiving the Holy Spirit

Discussion Questions

– Print out and review handout containing verses about the Holy Spirit
– What do you notice about the baptized “converts” at Samaria? What question or concern comes to mind as you read about this situation?
– When Jesus meets the disciples at Ephesus, he asks them a question in Acts 19:2. What is your reaction to that question? Can you answer that question for yourself?
– List some biblical phrases that describe the presence of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life.
– Explain this statement–The coming of the Holy Spirit shouldn’t be logically assumed; rather His coming should be accompanied by certain discernible effects. What are some effects?
– Describe the relationship between Eph 1:13-14 and Eph 5:18-21. What imbalance in theology could be formed when you only read Ephesians 1 apart from Ephesians 5?
– How are abiding in Christ and being filled by the Spirit two sides of the same coin? (hint – breathing analogy & recall what the main ministry of the Holy Spirit is)

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