Rom 8: Our Father is Sovereign and Good


Preacher: Pastor Ray

The sovereignty of God has become like a spam bucket to catch all of our junk and in the process God’s goodness is put in question. At worst, we blame God for everything that goes wrong.

Discussion Questions

The sovereignty of God is a tricky subject. We have to factor in human free will, the reality of spiritual battle as well as the principle of reaping what we sow, among other truths.
– Do you agree or disagree that it’s possible to blame God for all the things that go wrong in your life because of a wrong understanding of God’s sovereignty?
– Explain the sovereignty of God in your own words.

Read Rom 8:28-30.
– What is the promise in v28?
– What is the only thing God requires of us?
– What is God’s penultimate purpose in your life and what is God’s ultimate purpose?
– Is being conformed to the image of Christ optional for the Christian?
– Who is doing all the heavy lifting when it comes to foreknowledge, predestination, sanctification, calling, justification and glorification?

Read Rom 8:38-39. Paul includes the present and the future.
– Do you find it significant that the past is left off this list?
– Why do you think that’s the case?
– Is there a danger in living in the past?
– Why is God seem to be interested only in our present and our future?

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