Rom 8: Is the Spirit in You?


Preacher: Pastor Ray

How do you know if the Spirit dwells in you? Listen as we cover 4 litmus tests from Romans 8.

Discussion Questions

If the Spirit dwells in you, He will reveal truth. Paul assumes his readers are tracking with him because the same Spirit that is in him must be in those who are reading this letter.
– Read 1 Cor 2. What distinguishes the natural man vs. the spiritual man?
– Read Rom 8:16. What does it mean that the Spirit himself testifies with our spirit?

If the Spirit dwells in you, you are free.
– The opposite of freedom is enslavement. How does our enslavement get expressed?
– How is condemnation connected to enslavement?
– What does it mean that Christians are “un-condemnable?”
– Read Rom 8:1 (read a version of the Bible that keeps the original translation – i.e. KJV). If Christians are no longer under condemnation, then why do Christians still suffer under condemnation?
– What is the only type of condemnation that remains for the believer?

If the Spirit dwells in you, faith in Jesus will be the goal of your life.
– Read Rom 8:6-8. Why do people whose mind is set on the flesh eventually grow in hostility toward God?
– The person whose mind is set on the flesh cannot please God. How can we please God? (Hint: Heb 11.)
– Condemnation causes us to draw back from God while faith allows us to keep pressing into God. Explain this statement.

If the Spirit dwells in you, you will have a deep sense that you are a child who belongs to God.
– Read Rom 8:14-17. What does it mean that our spirit has an inner agreement with the Holy Spirit?
– Consider the Toy Story example. Where does God write His name so that His children know that we belong to Him?

Luke 15 contains a series of lost items that at one time belonged to someone: a lost sheep that belonged to the shepherd, the lost coin that belonged to a woman, and the lost (or prodigal) son who belonged to the Father.
– What does it mean that we were lost for a season but we never stopped belonging to the Father?
– What’s the only thing that could have prevented the lost son from returning home?

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