Rom 6: The Presence of Sin, The Potential to Sin and The Powerlessness of Sin


Preacher: Pastor Ray

We live in the presence of sin, which means all of us, Christians included, have the potential to sin. However, for the believer, the power of sin has been broken and sin is therefore powerless over us.

Discussion Questions

I understand doctrinally that I am dead to sin and free in Christ but I don’t live this out experientially.

– Can you identify with this?

Read Rom 6:4. There is an expectation in this verse.

– In light of the gospel, what is the expectation?

Recall the example of the adult unable to walk, strapped to a baby car seat.

– What was the point of this analogy?

Read Rom 6:11. “Consider” is based on the root word for logic. The literal translation of this verse is “in light of the evidence, you are to reach the logical conclusion that you are dead to sin and alive to God.”

– Do you believe this? If not, ask to receive this renewed mindset.
– What is the literal meaning for “dead?” What is the literal meaning for “alive?”
– How does this verse help you to walk in the newness of life?

If you don’t believe that Jesus destroyed the power of sin and death and you don’t believe you can change and you don’t believe you are free, then it’s likely that you will live out your belief system. Recall the example of Steph Curry demonstrating the power of a renewed mindset.

– If you are alive to sin and you fall into sin, how does your failure strengthen your belief system?
– From Rom 6:11, what are 2 things we are to “consider?”

Read Rom 6:12.

– How does this verse address the person who says that Romans 7 is the Christian’s reality?

Read Rom 6:13. This verse further unpacks what it means to be alive to God.

– What is the literal translation of “present?”
– What is the literal translation of “member?”
– To whom are we presenting ourselves and our members? Why is this significant? What are some wrong places/people to whom we present ourselves for evaluation?
– What is the literal translation of “instruments?”
– What is the literal translation of “unrighteousness” and “righteousness?”
– As an instrument of righteousness, sometimes we are fierce and other times we are precise and gentle. Explain.

Read Rom 6:22.

– Why does a wrong belief system (i.e. I am still a slave of sin) short-circuit the process of sanctification at the outset?

Read Rom 6:13.

– How are we to present ourselves and our members to God? With what attitude?

Application: Spend time bringing your body, soul, spirit, mind, will, emotion, your broken thought patterns (strongholds), your broken emotions (anger, bitterness, irritability), your broken actions (willful sins) before God.

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