Psalm 14: Never Stop Being a Seeker of God


Preacher: Pastor Ray

The term “seeker” is normally reserved for non-Christians who are actively trying to learn about the Christian faith. We are starting a three-part series about Christians reclaiming the label “seeker of God” to describe their own journey.

Discussion Questions

Psalm 14 describes the foolish life and they are characterized by what they do not do.

– In contrast, describe the wise life of the Christian.
– Why do Christians stop seeking the Lord?
– Do you think we will stop seeking the Lord in the new heaven and new earth?

God wants us to seek Him because He wants to speak to us. He speaks to us primarily and most consistently through His Word.

– What is the distinction between logos (written word) and rhema (spoken word)?
– How might our approach to God be off if we only look to understand and study the logos and leave no room for rhema?

Consider the rich young ruler. He was diligent when it came to the commandments (logos). But Jesus spoke (rhema) to him regarding his money. He could have ignored this spoken word and returned to the written word. Or, he could have sought the Lord regarding this spoken word.

– Do you agree or disagree that the rich young ruler’s prayers would have been blocked if he failed to address Jesus’ spoken word to him regarding his money?
– By considering the example of the rich young ruler, how should we approach God in prayer?
– Describe moments in your past when you knew it was God speaking to you.
– What is the last word that God spoke to you? Have you sought the Lord regarding this word?

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