Pentecost Sunday: Why We Need the Holy Spirit


Preacher: Pastor Ray

The Holy Spirit came in power during the first Pentecost. Listen as we discuss why we still need the Holy Spirit today.

Discussion Questions

Here are 5 reasons why we should consider the Holy Spirit today:
1) The Holy Spirit is God
2) Pentecost was a historical event
3) Jesus told us to pray for the Holy Spirit in the Sermon on the Mount (Luke 1)
4) We need the Holy Spirit’s divine help to deepen our faith in Jesus
5) The Holy Spirit alone brings true unity

– Which one of these reasons provides the most motivation for you to seek the Holy Spirit?
– What did the baptism of the Holy Spirit accomplish in Acts 2?
– How does the life of Abraham help you to see the role of the Holy Spirit in our faith journey (consider his faith in Gen 12, Gen 15, Gen 21 and Gen 22)?
– Read Gal 3:1-6. What is Paul’s rebuke of the Galatian church and how does this help you in explaining the continual role of the Holy Spirit in our faith journey (notice the participle “supplying” in Gal 3:5)?

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